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I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly grateful I am that Line of Credit Depot provided the emergency $125k loan to save my charter fishing business in Juneau from shutting its doors forever - their lighting fast financing and best-in-class service are an absolute godsend!
Frank T.
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The Economic Strength of Alaska

Despite its low population and relatively recent statehood, Alaska boasts a strong economic foundation. With a small population ranking fourth lowest in the nation according to US Census data, Alaska's entrepreneurial landscape is surprisingly robust. In recent years, the state has experienced significant economic growth and influence. This can be attributed to several factors, including a pro-business government strategy, a skilled workforce, competitive tax incentives, a high rate of gross migration, and an exceptional quality of life. These elements have made Alaska an attractive destination for businesses, driving the proportion of small enterprises relative to the population to remarkable levels.

Alaska Saver: How Line of Credit Depot Rescued an Anchorage Tour Company From Pandemic Ruin
When the pandemic hit Alaska, tourism ground to a halt, and Neil's sightseeing tour company in Anchorage saw bookings evaporate. With reserves running low, Neil worried how he’d afford to keep staff and operations going. That’s when he turned to Line of Credit Depot for help.
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