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Welcome to the hub of small business financing in Mississippi . Here, we recognize the pivotal role that small businesses play in driving the state's economy.
Line of Credit Depot quickly set up my MS boutique with a $75,000 line of credit when I needed fast financing. Their lending marketplace and financing expertise saved me time after fruitlessly approaching banks independently. I'd highly recommend Line of Credit Depot to any Mississippi small business owner needing tailored working capital.
Jack C.
Current Rates in Mississippi
0% - 2% + Prime From WSJ (8.5% as of 8/8)
$250k available
8.5% as of 8/8
2 weeks to fund
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The Economic Strength of Mississippi

Mississippi has gained a well-established reputation as a prominent tourist destination within the United States, attracting visitors from far and wide. The state's casino gambling industry, in particular, has been instrumental in boosting income and generating economic opportunities for residents. This growth in the casino industry has had a positive ripple effect, resulting in an increase in new businesses emerging across Mississippi. The collective impact of these ventures has contributed to Mississippi's ranking as the sixth-highest state in the US in terms of gambling profits, which amounts to an impressive $2.25 billion. Mississippi is an important contributor to America’s thriving economy. The state has earned a reputation for being a pro-business state in recent years, which has resulted in a favorable economic climate.

Small business stats:

  • 437,000+ Small business individuals
  • 46.5% of Mississippi’s workforce are Small Businesses
  • 4.1% increase in small businesses from 2016-2020
  • 85.388 Small Business Optimism Index

A Saving Grace for a Mississippi Auto Shop: How Line of Credit Depot Rescued a Small Business During the Pandemic:
When the pandemic hit, things looked grim for Alex's auto repair shop in Jackson, MS. Revenues dropped as people drove less and delayed car maintenance. Alex faced falling behind on payroll, rent, and vendor payments. That's when he turned to Line of Credit Depot for help. After a quick and easy online application, Line of Credit Depot matched Alex with a $150,000 line of credit from a Mississippi bank lender. The terms were affordable, with lower rates than other offers he'd received. This working capital gave Alex's shop the lifeline it desperately needed. He was able to catch up on overdue bills, keep his excellent staff employed, and even take on inventory. In one of the most challenging times imaginable for small businesses, Line of Credit Depot gave Alex hope. Their lending marketplace provided fast, tailored financing so he could not just survive, but recover and thrive again. Alex's Mississippi repair shop is here to stay thanks to their support!
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